Peacehub is about widening the public discourse on an Israeli-Palestinian agreement and creating a powerful echo in the region – we invite you join the conversation.

Get involved by:

Tuning in and joining in

  • Don't miss this opportunity to gain a true insight into this traditionally closed-door process. Get Informed. Get Active. Tune into the negotiations LIVE, here.
  • Check out the daily highlights program, scheduled everyday during the Summit, and watch our accompanying studio programming, which offers expert analysis of the process and explores other interesting angles.
  • Join us nightly in person on-site for the “peacehub afterhours” – sign in (register) to for details.

Joining the conversation on peace

  • Like our Facebook page, invite your friends and start an open conversation about peace - its difficulties, compromises and hopes
  • Add your social media voice to the cause and commit to a Facebook status or tweet through our Thunderclap campaign.


  • Peacehub is currently recruiting volunteers to fill the following positions:
    • PAs for filming production
    • Support staff for the guest/media coordination team
    • Live social media tweeters/facebookers

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  • Anything to spread the word:
    • Create short-videos to post online
    • Create LIVE public screenings of the negotiations
    • Upload images to our Picture Peace initiative
    • Send us relevant music and more

Email us at: and we’ll be happy to help with your initiatives