In light of the current circumstances, the peacehub talks have been postponed. We feel that holding the meetings at this time is counterproductive to the intiative's goals. We continue to advance professional conflict resolution negotiations in order to highlight the possible layout for a long term agreement and reconciliation and will reschedule the online talks soonest.

The Israeli Delegation
המשלחת הישראלית
ألوفد الإسرائيلي

Gilead Sher, a leading member of Prime Minister Barak’s delegation to the 2000 Camp David Summit and other leading political and academic figures will form the Israeli team.

The Palestinian Delegation
המשלחת הפלסטינית
ألوفد الفلسطيني

Leading political and academic figures are forming the Palestinian team.

The Mediating Delegation
משלחת הגישור
بعثة الوساطة

Prof. Robert H. Mnookin, Chair of the Harvard Program on Negotiations will lead the International Mediating Delegation.

Core Issues


Holy to all, open to all, but how?


How to bridge dreams and aspirations, historical rights and political claims, reality and international law?

Agreements, speeches and
unofficial documents

Official agreement, speeches and unofficial documents relating to the Israeli-Palestinian negotiations


Between real concerns, existential threats and peace as a strategic choice.

Palestinian Refugees
פליטים פלסטינים
اللاجئين الفلسطينيين

End of conflict, regional agreements, water rights & more